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Judee Fehsenfeld Discusses Nogier Light Therapy and How It Can Improve Your Life

Judee Fehsenfeld discusses Nogier Light Therapy and how it can reduce nausea, hydrate the body, and improve your life. 

Light therapy is a non-invasive, completely painless way to relieve a number of discomforts in the body. Experts like Judee Fehsenfeld explain that it’s an ideal way to relieve pain, restore nerve function, rejuvenate the skin, and enjoy a variety of other health benefits without the need for surgery or pharmaceutical medications. Nogier Light Therapy, as explained and practiced by Judee Fehsenfeld, is a process of using light-emitting diodes to deliver infrared, red, and blue light to the body in timed sequences.

The timed sequences, also called pulses, are combined with Nogier Frequencies to stimulate cellular responses. These cellular responses can stimulate circulation, rejuvenate the skin, reduce inflammation, and provide a number of other health benefits. 

Judee Fehsenfeld is the CEO and heath therapist at Oregon’s Theta Wholeness Center. This center offers Nogier Light Therapy using their one-of-a-kind “Zen Bed.”

Our ‘Zen Bed’ makes you feel timeless and euphoric with lasting effects. Our unique Nogier frequencies penetrate all levels of your body,” Judee Fehsenfeld says.

She adds that Nogier Light Therapy can provide even more specific benefits than the ones listed above. It can stimulate white blood cells, stimulate collagen reproduction, repair never damage, and stimulate endorphins. According to experts, it can also relieve arthritis, joint pain, Rosacea, psoriasis, acne, muscle pain, and more. 

Nogier Light Therapy experts like Judee Fehsenfeld explain that sick or damaged cells vibrate at frequencies that are different than healthy cells. When light therapy is applied to these cells at a frequency in a healthy range, they begin to vibrate at that normal, healthy frequency. Judee Fehsenfeld adds that repeatedly applying this healthy frequency to damaged tissues and cells helps them to heal. Many times, she says, this healing happens quite quickly. 

Judee Fehsenfeld is an advocate for therapies that don’t require invasive surgery or unnecessary, and often addicting, pharmaceuticals to cure or mask. She has spent decades mastering Nogier Light Therapy and other techniques to help her clients heal in healthy, non-invasive ways. Judee Fehsenfeld explains that light therapy has the potential to cure and improve many ailments without any discomfort so everyone should give it a try at least once.

Judee Fehsenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld Marries The Concepts of Wholeness and Wellness for True Healing

Judee Fehsenfeld has been studying and learning how the human body heals and thrives nearly her whole life. Judee Fehsenfeld attended the University of Santa Monica where she earned a Masters Degree in Health and Spiritual Science, she also earned her Spiritual Psychology Certificate. She even opened her own wellness center to reach more patients with her effective way of approaching health and wellness. 

Judee Fehsenfeld helps patients suffering greatly from mental health problems and digestive problems alike. In this ancient, yet new approach to health her patients have a whole new lease on life and improved mental and physical outlook. Her methodology marries the concepts of wholeness and wellness and ancient and modern with a whole-body approach using methods that have been proven forever and new highly effective technology. 

Judee Feshenfeld
Judee Feshenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld Knows That Healing Takes a Whole Body-Spirit Approach and Welcomes All to Her Wellness Center

The relation between the body and the mind goes both ways. If you are mentally and emotionally distressed it may show up in gastrointestinal issues, body pain, and more. But did you know if your gut biology is out of balance you may suffer from mental distress, lack of energy, and depression? It is all tied together, your body is a whole system and you should not attempt to solve one problem without addressing your body and mind as a whole. 

Judee Fehsenfeld uses many proven techniques to address physical and mental health issues. Judee Fehsenfeld’s wide variety of options all complement each other. She is certified in the Noetic field and helps patients learn self-forgiveness to achieve a clearer mind. Judee Fehsenfeld has one out of 12 Theta Chambers in the country right in her wellness center to help patients with PTSD, ADD, and more. She employees an AO full body scan to analyze the whole body system including all organs and hormones to make needed physical corrections. She uses a float tank to help her patients reduce anxiety and stress. She offers Colon Hydro Therapy to improve the workings of the digestive system. And she has implemented effective Nogier light therapy to reduce flatulence, relieve nausea, decrease protruding abdomen, and hydrate the whole body.

 Judee Fehsenfeld offers all this and more at her Theta Wholeness Center and she explains the function and purpose of her different methodology in her blog posts on the site so patients can go in fully understanding what to expect. All patients who can reach her center discover a different kind of health care. A type of care that addresses the whole body, not just one symptom. When you address the mind and the body alike the results are fuller and better for the patient. 

Judee Fehsenfeld can be found treating patients at her wellness center, and living life to the fullest as she fulfills her calling of providing whole body healing methods to those who never knew they could feel better.

Judee Fehsenfeld: Achieving Self-Forgiveness On Your Terms

Judee Fehsenfeld: Achieving Self-Forgiveness On Your Terms

Judee FehsenfeldJudee Fehsenfeld

WILSONVILLE, OR, USA, June 26, 2020 / — Judee Fehsenfeld has seen many people suffering from excessive personal guilt over the years and seen the damage that these emotions can trigger in a person. As a result, she utilizes the art of noetic energy therapy to help her clients achieve a higher level of self-forgiveness. She states that this process could help transform a person’s life for the better in many different ways.

The Importance of Self-Forgiveness
In her career as a therapist, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has found that many of her clients get blocked up when they suffer from a high degree of guilt and struggle to accept themselves as a person. Guilt is a natural emotion and one that is inevitable when something goes wrong in a person’s life. However, Judee Fehsenfeld believes that too many people hold onto past wrongs and hurt themselves for it.

For example, a person who has cheated on a romantic partner – even if they are no longer together – may hold onto these feelings of guilt and subconsciously punish themselves. That kind of negative energy builds up, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld argues and can stay with a person not just for years but for decades. As a result, people need to know how to forgive themselves for past transgressions.

Thankfully, psychological self-forgiveness is not only possible but immeasurably rewarding. Judee Fehsenfeld has helped many people overcome their emotional struggles over the years, transforming their lives in a myriad of ways. This path is one that doesn’t have to be walked alone but must be accomplished on a person’s specific individual terms.

How Judee Louise Fehsenfeld Helps With Self-Forgiveness

Over the years, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has mastered the art of noetic field therapy to help her clients manage complicated emotional and psychological concerns. This practice is designed to focus on a person’s natural energy field and to reinforce positive images in that person’s subconscious mind. Typically, this type of manipulation is done in a very calming and controlled environment.

A typical session with Judee Fehsenfeld identifies energy blocks in a person’s field and discovers how these cause psychological confusion and a high level of personal agitation. For example, excessive guilt may create blocks in a person’s energy flow that confuses a person’s sense of self, creates a poor alignment of the heart and mind, and makes them behave in destructive ways. Judee Fehsenfeld then uses noetic field therapy to help a person break up these blocks.

Importantly, those attempting self-forgiveness must use the personal insights gained through these sessions to move past their psychological concerns. Judee Louise Fehsenfeld states that this process is highly personal but is helped immeasurably by the use of this energy field therapy. Cleaning up energy blocks allows clients the flow of positive energy that they need to be happy, healthy, and open to others for years to come.

Judee Fehsenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld Offers A New Therapy: Colon-Hydrotherapy

CEO and Head Therapist at Theta Wholeness Center Jude Louis Fehsenfeld Offers New Therapy Colon-Hydrotherapy

Wilsonville, OR / May 22, 2020 / Digestive health is something that naturalist Judee Fehsenfeld takes very seriously. That’s why she offers colon-hydrotherapy to her clients. This care option is one that she states provides a myriad of detoxification benefits when applied adequately by her experts.

Judee Fehsenfeld Trusts Colon-Hydrotherapy

Over the last nine years, Judee Fehsenfeld has been providing clients with high-quality colon-hydrotherapy. During her training in the early part of the 2000s, she learned how to give this type of therapy and has been certified since 2010. The goal behind this therapy is to clear out the digestive system in a soothing way that helps your colon health.

Unfortunately, Judee Fehsenfeld states, the digestive system is often full of a myriad of waste, including chemicals and free radicals, that can make digestion harder to handle. High amounts of waste can not only complicate the operation of the digestive, this expert has stated, but can lead to side effects such as sluggishness, low energy, confusion, nausea, and much more.

Therefore, the concept of colon-hydrotherapy is one that Judee Fehsenfeld has fully embraced over the last few years. In essence, this therapy option that is advertised as painless, completely hygienic, and free of any odor or long-lasting reaction. By gently cleaning the colon, Judee Fehsenfeld argues, her clients can feel fresher, cleaner, regain lost energy, and lose weight.

Judee Fehsenfeld Explains the Procedure

This process is one that must be fully understood before attempting, she argues. She finds that some of her clients are surprised by what occurs, even after the procedure is explained.

It starts, Judee Fehsenfeld says, by the careful insertion of a lubricated tube into the rectum. Then, Judee Fehsenfeld and her specialists carefully pump water through the tube – mixed with various types of vitamins and probiotics – to help break apart waste throughout the colon.

After a brief massage of the abdomen – which Fehsenfeld states helps the water work on the digestive system waste – it is crucial to “pass” this waste out by sitting on a toilet and waiting for it to exit.

In some ways, this therapy is somewhat like an enema, Judee Fehsenfeld states, but a more focused one. The idea is to spread essential nutrients throughout the body in a way that helps enhance a person’s overall health. 

Benefits and Risks

Judee Fehsenfeld states that this process can be used to help boost a person’s immune system by eliminating toxins, managing inflammatory bowel diseases, normalizing the digestive system, and helping a person lose weight. 

Risks include tears in the colon and the introduction of bacteria into the body. These problems only occur, Judee Fehsenfeld states when practitioners are not careful. Her experts use sterile water and only provide care to those who need it, which helps to make these risks nearly impossible in her care, she states.

Judee Fehsenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld Opens Wellness Center With Theta Chamber For Optimal Vitality

WILSONVILLE, OR / May 22, 2020 / Judee Fehsenfeld is the CEO and Head Therapist at Theta Wholeness Center. She has spent decades in pursuit of education and knowledge when it comes to healing and only offers treatments she fully believes in. She offers healing techniques, methods, and tools to clients who are ready to fully heal from injury and trauma to live their fullest. She offers these services in her Wellness Center that has state of the art facilities, modern technology, and ancient knowledge. A patient who comes to her center will find care as they have never received for a new whole type of healing.

Judee Fehsenfeld Now Offers One of Only Twelve Theta Chambers For Her Clients At The Wellness Center.

Judee Fehsenfeld offers a new state of the art Theta Chamber, one of only twelve in the nation. A Theta Chamber is a specialty designed chamber that a person can comfortably sit or recline in and induce a theta state in the brain due to the specifically controlled environment that only allows certain sounds, wavelengths, and comfort distractions. It is reported to effectively do months of healing work in a session. People with depression, PTSD, SAD, and many other ailments find aid in the Theta Chamber.

Judee Fehsenfeld teaches people proven methods to tap deep into themselves and learn to forgive and heal truly and completely. This idea of self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others as a key component of a full life and spiritual journey is not a new concept, but it is one that many people overlook as they try to grow and heal from past trauma. Forging ahead free of the past means letting it go, and letting go means forgiving. Judee Fehsenfeld teaches more of these concepts to people who want to progress and feel better.

Judee Fehsenfeld has been spreading her message of peace, healing, and wholeness to people for some time and now she can heal those who come to her more completely using the specialty technology in the relaxing Theta Chamber. The Theta Chamber experience is non-invasive, there is no pain involved, and some people relax to the point of sleep. Clearing your brain and setting yourself to a specific wavelength that facilitates healing can be life-changing for those who are carrying too much baggage and do not know how to tune in and move on. People from all walks of life turn to Judee Fehsenfeld for help overcoming specific hurdles in their spiritual, physiological, and psychological healing journey. Judee Fehsenfeld is always happy to meet new people, hear their stories, and help them overcome obstacles in their life’s journey.

Judee Fehsenfeld is available at her clinic and even for some virtual consults if needed during these times.

About Judee Fehsenfeld


Judee Fehsenfeld

Practitioner Judee Fehsenfeld Explains Colon Hydrotherapy and How It Can Help Your Overall Health

WILSONVILLE, OREGON, USA, Practitioner Judee Fehsenfeld Explains Colon Hydro-Therapy and How It Can Help Your Overall Health

Colon hydro-therapy practitioner Judee Fehsenfeld discusses colon hydro-therapy and how it can help the patient’s overall health.

Judee Fehsenfeld is a leading colon hydro-therapy practitioner as well as the CEO of the Theta Wholeness Center in Wilsonville, Ore. She received her full certification in 2010, and has been treating patients as a Colon Hydrotherapist ever since. Judee Fehsenfeld recently explained colon hydro-therapy and how it can help a wide variety of patients.
Judee Fehsenfeld explains that colon hydrotherapy is one of many treatment options available at the Theta Wholeness Center. It is a therapy used to clear the digestive system, allowing the colon an opportunity to reboot and heal.
“It’s one of the safest and most effective ways to cleanse the colon when the process is performed by a qualified Colon Hydrotherapist,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “This method of cleansing helps expel unwanted mucous, gases, residue and more while retaining essential nutrients.”

According to experts like Judee Fehsenfeld, colon hydrotherapy is one of the most comfortable ways to cleanse the colon. Warm water is gently infused into the colon painlessly. No chemicals are drugs are needed or used during this procedure. In fact, those who have experienced colon hydro-therapy first-hand often describe the experience as relaxing. The experience can even feel like a substantial relief if the patient is suffering from a clogged colon.
“The benefits of colon hydro-therapy area practically endless,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “Removing all of that unwanted waste results in effects many patients are pleasantly surprised to see and feel.”
Judee Fehsenfeld explains that some of the benefits of colon hydrotherapy include the normalization of weight, a reduction of bloating, superior digestion, clearer eyes and skin, increased energy, and improved circulation. The immune system also becomes stronger allowing the body to fight other health issues more effectively.
“Following colon hydro-therapy, many patients experience fewer allergies, less arthritis pain, superior concentration, fewer headaches, a decrease in skin problems, and so much more,” Judee Fehsenfeld says.
Colon hydrotherapy has the ability to relieve countless patients of pain and discomfort they may be feeling. And those who aren’t currently experiencing pain will be surprised at how much better they feel following colon hydrotherapy treatment.

“The colon is an essential organ, and its health affects the way we function and feel on a daily basis,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “So many people don’t know how much better they can actually feel with a simple, quick, and affordable colon hydrotherapy treatment.”
A colon with mucus plagues, encrusted residue, and other issues is one that can fail to keep the body healthy. This can cause the body to function less effectively, and in some cases, result in a number of chronic diseases. Experts like Judee Fehsenfeld hope patients will consider this drug- and chemical-free approach to superior health and wellness.