Judee Fehsenfeld: Achieving Self-Forgiveness On Your Terms

Judee Fehsenfeld: Achieving Self-Forgiveness On Your Terms

Judee FehsenfeldJudee Fehsenfeld

WILSONVILLE, OR, USA, June 26, 2020 / — Judee Fehsenfeld has seen many people suffering from excessive personal guilt over the years and seen the damage that these emotions can trigger in a person. As a result, she utilizes the art of noetic energy therapy to help her clients achieve a higher level of self-forgiveness. She states that this process could help transform a person’s life for the better in many different ways.

The Importance of Self-Forgiveness
In her career as a therapist, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has found that many of her clients get blocked up when they suffer from a high degree of guilt and struggle to accept themselves as a person. Guilt is a natural emotion and one that is inevitable when something goes wrong in a person’s life. However, Judee Fehsenfeld believes that too many people hold onto past wrongs and hurt themselves for it.

For example, a person who has cheated on a romantic partner – even if they are no longer together – may hold onto these feelings of guilt and subconsciously punish themselves. That kind of negative energy builds up, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld argues and can stay with a person not just for years but for decades. As a result, people need to know how to forgive themselves for past transgressions.

Thankfully, psychological self-forgiveness is not only possible but immeasurably rewarding. Judee Fehsenfeld has helped many people overcome their emotional struggles over the years, transforming their lives in a myriad of ways. This path is one that doesn’t have to be walked alone but must be accomplished on a person’s specific individual terms.

How Judee Louise Fehsenfeld Helps With Self-Forgiveness

Over the years, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has mastered the art of noetic field therapy to help her clients manage complicated emotional and psychological concerns. This practice is designed to focus on a person’s natural energy field and to reinforce positive images in that person’s subconscious mind. Typically, this type of manipulation is done in a very calming and controlled environment.

A typical session with Judee Fehsenfeld identifies energy blocks in a person’s field and discovers how these cause psychological confusion and a high level of personal agitation. For example, excessive guilt may create blocks in a person’s energy flow that confuses a person’s sense of self, creates a poor alignment of the heart and mind, and makes them behave in destructive ways. Judee Fehsenfeld then uses noetic field therapy to help a person break up these blocks.

Importantly, those attempting self-forgiveness must use the personal insights gained through these sessions to move past their psychological concerns. Judee Louise Fehsenfeld states that this process is highly personal but is helped immeasurably by the use of this energy field therapy. Cleaning up energy blocks allows clients the flow of positive energy that they need to be happy, healthy, and open to others for years to come.

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