Judee Fehsenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld Marries The Concepts of Wholeness and Wellness for True Healing

Judee Fehsenfeld has been studying and learning how the human body heals and thrives nearly her whole life. Judee Fehsenfeld attended the University of Santa Monica where she earned a Masters Degree in Health and Spiritual Science, she also earned her Spiritual Psychology Certificate. She even opened her own wellness center to reach more patients with her effective way of approaching health and wellness. 

Judee Fehsenfeld helps patients suffering greatly from mental health problems and digestive problems alike. In this ancient, yet new approach to health her patients have a whole new lease on life and improved mental and physical outlook. Her methodology marries the concepts of wholeness and wellness and ancient and modern with a whole-body approach using methods that have been proven forever and new highly effective technology. 

Judee Feshenfeld
Judee Feshenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld Knows That Healing Takes a Whole Body-Spirit Approach and Welcomes All to Her Wellness Center

The relation between the body and the mind goes both ways. If you are mentally and emotionally distressed it may show up in gastrointestinal issues, body pain, and more. But did you know if your gut biology is out of balance you may suffer from mental distress, lack of energy, and depression? It is all tied together, your body is a whole system and you should not attempt to solve one problem without addressing your body and mind as a whole. 

Judee Fehsenfeld uses many proven techniques to address physical and mental health issues. Judee Fehsenfeld’s wide variety of options all complement each other. She is certified in the Noetic field and helps patients learn self-forgiveness to achieve a clearer mind. Judee Fehsenfeld has one out of 12 Theta Chambers in the country right in her wellness center to help patients with PTSD, ADD, and more. She employees an AO full body scan to analyze the whole body system including all organs and hormones to make needed physical corrections. She uses a float tank to help her patients reduce anxiety and stress. She offers Colon Hydro Therapy to improve the workings of the digestive system. And she has implemented effective Nogier light therapy to reduce flatulence, relieve nausea, decrease protruding abdomen, and hydrate the whole body.

 Judee Fehsenfeld offers all this and more at her Theta Wholeness Center and she explains the function and purpose of her different methodology in her blog posts on the site so patients can go in fully understanding what to expect. All patients who can reach her center discover a different kind of health care. A type of care that addresses the whole body, not just one symptom. When you address the mind and the body alike the results are fuller and better for the patient. 

Judee Fehsenfeld can be found treating patients at her wellness center, and living life to the fullest as she fulfills her calling of providing whole body healing methods to those who never knew they could feel better.

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