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Judee Fehsenfeld Offers A New Therapy: Colon-Hydrotherapy

CEO and Head Therapist at Theta Wholeness Center Jude Louis Fehsenfeld Offers New Therapy Colon-Hydrotherapy

Wilsonville, OR / May 22, 2020 / Digestive health is something that naturalist Judee Fehsenfeld takes very seriously. That’s why she offers colon-hydrotherapy to her clients. This care option is one that she states provides a myriad of detoxification benefits when applied adequately by her experts.

Judee Fehsenfeld Trusts Colon-Hydrotherapy

Over the last nine years, Judee Fehsenfeld has been providing clients with high-quality colon-hydrotherapy. During her training in the early part of the 2000s, she learned how to give this type of therapy and has been certified since 2010. The goal behind this therapy is to clear out the digestive system in a soothing way that helps your colon health.

Unfortunately, Judee Fehsenfeld states, the digestive system is often full of a myriad of waste, including chemicals and free radicals, that can make digestion harder to handle. High amounts of waste can not only complicate the operation of the digestive, this expert has stated, but can lead to side effects such as sluggishness, low energy, confusion, nausea, and much more.

Therefore, the concept of colon-hydrotherapy is one that Judee Fehsenfeld has fully embraced over the last few years. In essence, this therapy option that is advertised as painless, completely hygienic, and free of any odor or long-lasting reaction. By gently cleaning the colon, Judee Fehsenfeld argues, her clients can feel fresher, cleaner, regain lost energy, and lose weight.

Judee Fehsenfeld Explains the Procedure

This process is one that must be fully understood before attempting, she argues. She finds that some of her clients are surprised by what occurs, even after the procedure is explained.

It starts, Judee Fehsenfeld says, by the careful insertion of a lubricated tube into the rectum. Then, Judee Fehsenfeld and her specialists carefully pump water through the tube – mixed with various types of vitamins and probiotics – to help break apart waste throughout the colon.

After a brief massage of the abdomen – which Fehsenfeld states helps the water work on the digestive system waste – it is crucial to “pass” this waste out by sitting on a toilet and waiting for it to exit.

In some ways, this therapy is somewhat like an enema, Judee Fehsenfeld states, but a more focused one. The idea is to spread essential nutrients throughout the body in a way that helps enhance a person’s overall health. 

Benefits and Risks

Judee Fehsenfeld states that this process can be used to help boost a person’s immune system by eliminating toxins, managing inflammatory bowel diseases, normalizing the digestive system, and helping a person lose weight. 

Risks include tears in the colon and the introduction of bacteria into the body. These problems only occur, Judee Fehsenfeld states when practitioners are not careful. Her experts use sterile water and only provide care to those who need it, which helps to make these risks nearly impossible in her care, she states.

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