Judee Fehsenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld Discusses Nogier Light Therapy and How It Can Improve Your Life

Judee Fehsenfeld discusses Nogier Light Therapy and how it can reduce nausea, hydrate the body, and improve your life. 

Light therapy is a non-invasive, completely painless way to relieve a number of discomforts in the body. Experts like Judee Fehsenfeld explain that it’s an ideal way to relieve pain, restore nerve function, rejuvenate the skin, and enjoy a variety of other health benefits without the need for surgery or pharmaceutical medications. Nogier Light Therapy, as explained and practiced by Judee Fehsenfeld, is a process of using light-emitting diodes to deliver infrared, red, and blue light to the body in timed sequences.

The timed sequences, also called pulses, are combined with Nogier Frequencies to stimulate cellular responses. These cellular responses can stimulate circulation, rejuvenate the skin, reduce inflammation, and provide a number of other health benefits. 

Judee Fehsenfeld is the CEO and heath therapist at Oregon’s Theta Wholeness Center. This center offers Nogier Light Therapy using their one-of-a-kind “Zen Bed.”

Our ‘Zen Bed’ makes you feel timeless and euphoric with lasting effects. Our unique Nogier frequencies penetrate all levels of your body,” Judee Fehsenfeld says.

She adds that Nogier Light Therapy can provide even more specific benefits than the ones listed above. It can stimulate white blood cells, stimulate collagen reproduction, repair never damage, and stimulate endorphins. According to experts, it can also relieve arthritis, joint pain, Rosacea, psoriasis, acne, muscle pain, and more. 

Nogier Light Therapy experts like Judee Fehsenfeld explain that sick or damaged cells vibrate at frequencies that are different than healthy cells. When light therapy is applied to these cells at a frequency in a healthy range, they begin to vibrate at that normal, healthy frequency. Judee Fehsenfeld adds that repeatedly applying this healthy frequency to damaged tissues and cells helps them to heal. Many times, she says, this healing happens quite quickly. 

Judee Fehsenfeld is an advocate for therapies that don’t require invasive surgery or unnecessary, and often addicting, pharmaceuticals to cure or mask. She has spent decades mastering Nogier Light Therapy and other techniques to help her clients heal in healthy, non-invasive ways. Judee Fehsenfeld explains that light therapy has the potential to cure and improve many ailments without any discomfort so everyone should give it a try at least once.

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